Title of symposium:
The Second International Symposium on Fishing Cat Conservation: Persistence of a tropical wetland specialist, Ecology, Activism and Conservation

Symposium Summary
Lesser known species like the Fishing Cat are mostly neglected as compared to other charismatic big cat species and their ecological significance as a wetland specialist is largely ignored. As the conference organizers suggested we also happy to let other small wild cat researchers to join in our symposium and it will increase the diversity of the symposium and also make a good platform to talk and make plans about small wild cat conservation in range countries. We are especially encouraging people who are working with flat- headed cats, bay cats to join with us in the symposium. Through this meeting, we are hope sharing project updates in range countries, reviewing the progress, deciding the next-steps by communicating with each other, networking, establishing new collaborations, and learning from other projects to implement new ideas back in our home.

Participants :-

1. Anya Ratnayaka
Affiliations: Small Cat Advocacy and Research Organization
Titles: Urban Fishing Cat Conservation in Sri Lanka

2. Ashan Thudugala
Affiliations: Small Cat Advocacy and Research Organization
Titles: The ststus of fishing cat conservation in human mediated landscapes in Sri Lanka

3. Erwin Wilianto
Affiliations: HarimauKita (Sumatran Tiger Conservation) Forum, Non-Government Individual

4.Giridhar Malla
Affiliations: Research Fellow, Wildlife Institute of India
Titles: Conservation of Fishing cats in the Godavari delta, Andhra Pradesh, India

5. Jimmy Borah
Affiliations: WWF-Greater Mekong ยท Wildlife and Wildlife Crime

6. Linda Castaneda
Affiliations: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, USA
Titles: Fishing Cat Species Survival Plan in North America

7. Rama Mishra
Affiliations: National Trust for Nature Conservation
Titles: Fishing cats and its conservation in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Eastern terai of Nepal

8. Sagar Dahal
Affiliations: Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation
Titles: Fishing Cats outside the protected area and challenges for their conservation in Nepal

9. Sanderson Jim
Affiliations: Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation
Titles: Global Small Wild Cat Conservation Update

10. Tiasa Adhya
Affiliations: The Fishing Cat Project , India
Titles: Summary of close-to-a-decade's work on Fishing Cat : Catalyzing Conservation in India

11. Vanessa Herranz
Affiliations: Cambodian Fishing Cat Project
Titles: Conservation of a newly recorded population of fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) at a protected coastal mangrove area in south-west Cambodia.

12. Murthy KLN,
Affiliations: Conservation Biologist, Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society
Titles: Conservation of the Fishing Cat In the Eastern Ghats of South India

13. Sayam Chaoudhary
Affiliations: Project Fishing Cat Bangladesh , House- 16/C, Flat - 501, Tallabag, Sobhanbag, Dhaka - 1207
Titles: "Human-fishing cat conflicts, possible solutions and conservation interventions at Hail Haor, Bangladesh

14. Muhammad Yunus