Title of symposium:
Spatial analysis to support conservation and restoration planning for tropical tree species

Principal Organizer:
Riina Jalonen
Bioversity International

Symposium Summary
Thousands of ecologically and socio-economically important tree species across the tropics are threatened, yet very little information is available on their historical and current distribution, patterns of genetic diversity, intensity of threats across their distribution ranges, or availability of seed sources to support restoration. Effective conservation strategies for these species and their genetic resources cannot be identified without improving knowledge on the species’ distributions and the threats they are facing. Information is often lacking especially for indigenous and endemic species that are important for local livelihoods beyond timber production. The Global Biodiversity Information Facility, a global database of species’ occurrence data, has noted a specific gap on the availability of data for Asian species.

The goal of this session is to support the conservation and restoration of tropical tree species through making spatial data on their distributions and threats more easily available and accessible to researchers and practitioners. The session brings together researchers and practitioners to share information and experiences about spatial analysis on tree species, to identify future research and methodological needs, and to initiate a community of practice for continued collaboration and sharing of information among interested participants.

List of speakers and presentation titles:

  1. Riina Jalonen, Bioversity International: Filling the knowledge gaps for conservation of priority tree species: Introduction to the session
  2. Chris Kettle, Bioversity International / ETH Zürich: Diversity for Restoration: Tool for identifying seed sources for forest restoration under changing climate
  3. Dr. Kevin Ng Kit Siong, Forest Research Institute Malaysia: Plant material transfer guidelines of important tropical tree species and its application for forest rehabilitation
  4. Lee Soon Leong, Forest Research Institute Malaysia: Life history approach to develop genetic conservation guidelines of forest tree species in the tropics
  5. Dr. Ng Chin Hong, Forest Research Institute Malaysia: Genetic diversity assessment of Intsia palembanica and its implications for conservation