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About Sarawak
Sarawak is the largest of 13 states in Malaysia. Located on the north and north-western tip of Borneo, it covers 124,450 sq. km and stretches over 750km. It makes up 37.5% of land area in the country (slightly larger than South Korea).

Sarawak is unique in that there are significant differences in culture, administration and lifestyle. Sarawak’s population of 2.4 million people comprises roughly 27 main ethnic groups still in existence, each with its own language, traditions and way of life. Sarawak is renowned for its abundance in natural resources. Liquid natural gas, crude oil and tropical hardwood timber sustain the economy. In the last few decades, agriculture (palm oil), light industries in food processing, shipbuilding and electronics, is becoming increasingly more important.

Kuching, Gateway to Sarawak
The quaint city of Kuching is Sarawak’s capital and main entry point. A small city of great history and legends, Kuching is forever remembered as the Camelot of the White Rajahs. Although the name ‘Kuching’ is associated with the Malay word for ‘Cat’, the city’s origins go centuries further before its modern day affiliation to cats and cat-lovers. Nevertheless, like the feline, the city embodies its own brand of grace and subtlety. The world’s first cat museum opened here. Fun, quirky, historic, Kuching and its region are filled with tourist attractions such as Bako National Park, Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, Borneo Highlands Resort, Sarawak Museum, Sarawak Cultural Village, Fairy Cave and many more.


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