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SY No. Principal and Co Organiser(s) Title of Symposium Summary of the Symposia
2 Bea Maas and Alice Hughes Making Science Matter - from conservation research to implementation Click Here
3A Dr Cecilia Dahlsjö, Dr Kate Parr and Dr Paul Eggleton  The role of invertebrates in undisturbed tropical ecosystems  Click Here
3B Professor Roger KITCHING, Ms Lois KINNEEN and Assoc Prof Aki NAKAMURA Invertebrates and ecological processes in modified tropical landscapes Click Here
5 Dr Jim Sanderson and Sagar Dahal The Second International Symposium on Fishing Cat Conservation: Persistence of a tropical wetland specialist, Ecology, Activism and Conservation Click Here
7 Bronwen Powell, Laura Vang Rasmussen and Amy Ickowitz Impacts of Tropical Landscape Change on Human Diet and Local Food Systems Click Here
8 David Edwards, Yuchen Zhang and L. Roman Carrasco Feeding the planet whilst minimizing environmental and socio-economic costs Click Here
9 Sarah A Scriven, Jake Bicknell and Sara Williams Connectivity in Tropical Landscapes  Click Here
10A Nasir Uddin, Astrid Andersson, Olivier Boissier and Tony Lynam Tackling illegal wildlife trade: extent, tools and technologies, and field monitoring methods. Click Here
11 Ramesh Krishnamurthy and Thomas Gray Conservation-based recovery of large carnivores in Asia: technical and management insights Click Here
12 Associate Professor Tapan Kumar Nath, Role of Local Community in the Conservation of Tomorrow’s Biodiversity Click Here
13A Krizler C. Tanalgo, Dr. Ricardo Rocha and Dr. Alice C. Hughes Bat ecology and conservation: A pantropical perspective Click Here
13B Adrià López Baucells, Dr. Ricardo Rocha and Dr. Alice C. Hughes  Novel techniques and emerging findings in tropical bat ecology and conservation Click Here
13C Dr. Tuanjit Sritongchuay, Dr. Ricardo Rocha and Dr. Alice C. Hughes  Advances in the understanding of tropical bats as pollinators and seed dispersers Click Here
14 Dr Mickal Houadria and Dr Tom Fayle Exploring the consequences of anthropogenic change for symbiotic species in tropical ecosystems Click Here
16 Kim McConkey and Pierre-Michel Forget The future of frugivory, seed dispersal, seed predation, and fate in changing tropical landscapes Click Here
17 Riina Jalonen Spatial analysis to support conservation and restoration planning for tropical tree species Click Here
18 Dr. Mohammed Alamgir, Dr. Mason J. Campbell and Dr. Gopalasamy Reuben Clements Built infrastructure and the future of tropical forests Click Here
19A Sarah Wilson, Naomi Schwartz, Trevor Caughlin, Sean Sloan and Elena Lazos Socio-ecological dimensions of forest transitions and second growth forests in tropical landscapes Click Here
21B Belinda Yip, Dr Alice C.Hughes, Prof. Christopher Gibbins, Dr Holly Barclay and Dr Alexandra Zieritz Freshwater ecosystems and dams in Southeast Asia: Understanding human impacts and aligning science with decision making processes for conservation and sustainable development. Click Here
22 Elizabeth Kearsley, Geertje van der Heijden and Rachael Gallagher Lianas and their impact on ecosystem processes Click Here
23 Haldre Rogers, Anna Traveset and Evan M. Rehm Biodiversity loss on islands. Causes, consequences, and approaches for restoring diversity and ecosystem function Click Here
24 Juan Carlos T. Gonzalez, Leonardo D. Barua and Khryss V. Pantua Natural History and Canopy Dynamics of Lowland Evergreen Forests on Mt Makiling Forest Reserve and ASEAN Heritage Park, Philippines Click Here
26 Cristina Banks-Leite Trophic interactions in human-modified tropical landscapes Click Here
27 Rachel Friedman, Janice Lee and Roman Carrasco Integrating perspectives to address social-ecological challenges in conservation Click Here
28 Francis Q. Brearley Plant-soil-microbial interactions in the tropics Click Here
29 Dr. Wong Ee Phin and Dr. Nurzhafarina Othman Moving towards coexistence – reconciling Asian elephant’s behaviour and humans’ social dimension Click Here
30 Nadja Rüger and Sean McMahon Tropical tree life-history strategies: Causes and consequences of demographic diversity Click Here
31 Chris Kettle, Riina Jalonen and Tajang Jinggut Seeding resilient forest landscape restoration and its contribution to sustainable development goals Click Here
32 Sandro Von Matter     Citizen Science: Global Biodiversity Monitoring and Science Literacy Empowerment Click Here
33A Dr. Robert M. Kooyman, Prof. Darren Crayn and Prof. Peter Wilf Origins, assembly and evolution of the South and SE Asian biota: insights from rocks, fossils, genes and plots Click Here
34 Sabrina E. Russo and Stuart J. Davies Changing environments & changing forests: spatial and temporal variation in the dynamics of Southeast Asian forests Click Here
35A Lain E. Pardo, Matthew Struebig, Eleanor Slade, Lian Pin Koh and Paul Furumo Environmental sustainability in oil palm: linking science to policy and practice across the tropics Click Here
36B Julieta Benítez-Malvido and Liza Comita Tropical plant-pathogen interactions in a changing world Click Here
42 Dr. Trevor Caughlin and Dr. Pieter Zuidema Frontiers in demographic modeling for tropical forest ecology and conservation  Click Here
43 Yit Arn Teh and David Burslem Land-use change impacts on ecosystem biogeochemistry and functioning in secondary forests Click Here


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