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Mentoring Circles

The ATBC Mentoring Circle program for 2018-19 is designed to bring together groups of 8-10 mentees with two mentors with similar career interests to promote career development in tropical biology and conservation. Specifically, we aim to support early career tropical biologists (i.e. graduate students and post-docs) by providing a network of individuals that can offer advice, best practices, and tools to achieve success.

Mentors and mentees will be assigned to their circles and attend a 2-hour meeting on Sunday, July 1st before the opening ceremony of the ATBC 2018 annual meeting in Kuching, Malaysia. They will discuss each mentee’s and mentor’s objectives and desired outcomes. The mentoring circles will convene again at least once more in the course of the meeting during one pre-arranged lunch on Wednesday, July 4th. They will then meet virtually (e.g. via Skype or Zoom) once a month throughout the rest of the year to develop a strong and continuing relationship.

To participate this year, mentees and mentors should be:

  1. current members of ATBC,
  2. giving an oral or poster presentation at the ATBC meeting in Kuching,
  3. able to attend meetings on Sunday, July 1st, and Wednesday, July 4th,
  4. committed to participating in the Mentoring Circles throughout the year.

To apply to be a mentee, please fill out this form:

To apply to be a mentor: please fill out this form:

The deadline for applications is Monday, May 14th by 5:00 pm EDT. We will inform mentees and mentors of their selection by June 4th and will follow with an email with guidelines for mentees and mentors.

We look forward to another great year of mentoring!

Please direct any questions about the Mentoring Circles to Tony Lynam ( or Patricia Delamônica Sampaio (, ATBC Mentoring Circle Co-Coordinators for 2018-19.


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